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How I got rid of my pimple and acne scars

Do you suffer from acne or pimple scarring?

Hello there!

It's Angela, therapist at AL Physio & Acupuncture.

Back in January 2017 I had a breakout all over my cheeks and forehead which I have never experienced before. My skin in the past has always been good apart from a few dry spells, otherwise I have never been one to suffer with acne or pimples lasting more than a week or so. I tried a number of steroid creams, changed my cleansing routine and even changed my diet - eventually by March 2017 they had much improved but I was left with pimple scarring, a few deep set pimples that would not budge and also patchy discolouration.

Now here's where Cosmetic Acupuncture comes in...

Knowing and seeing how well cosmetic acupuncture works for my clients, I decided it was time I treated myself. I completed two sessions of area focussed treatment, over the space of 2 weeks before topping up with one session every 4 weeks for 3 months. I kept my cleansing routine and diet as it was, and used no medicated creams or oral medication.

By July, my pimples were gone, the scars has near to completely faded. The discolouration in my skin has improved a lot!

Here are some pictures from March 2017 and the comparison picture in July 2017 and my most recent photos from October 2017.

Why not give it a go for yourself?


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